Tardis, detectives, and wings


Some stories stay with us forever


                                      Charles Xavier in 1973

1. The pain in his spine will wake him up. He is also hungover. Hank has left a pot of tea at his bed side. Charles will add a dash of whiskey to his cup. 

2. He considers taking a shower. The last time he did he was able to achieve an erection. That in turn caused him to begin to masturbate while thinking of ex-boyfriend, Erik Lehnsherr.  After angry orgasm - he took a cold shower. That was three or maybe four days ago.

3. Charles injects himself with the untested serum that enables the use of his legs. He bites a shoe while the pain of serum courses through his spinal cord.

4. It is almost noon; and Charles will do his best to ignore Hank, who is trying to feed him a decent lunch. Hank will find this the opportunity (as usual) to ask Charles the usual questions, “how is Charles feeling and if he wants to talk about it…?”

5. Charles will access his hidden stash of dope from inside the chess set. Shoots up and resumes reading a Once and Future King (the copy he had given Erik as a gift and was left behind in 1962); before passing out in a drug induced stupor.

6. Charles will awaken a few hours later to find Hank has placed dinner on the coffee table. Charles will smoke some pot in hopes that will help with his appetite and watch the depressing news of the many young lives lost in Vietnam.

7. By 9pm, Charles is sitting across from the chess board, imagining Erik in the other chair. After a sudden crying fit - he grabs the syringe and loses himself again to the swan song of the dope. Led Zeppelin is playing on the record player - Charles is in heaven. And while there; he is hoping to erase all memories of Erik Lehnsherr.

8. He has turned off the 11pm news and decides to stare a photos that include him and Raven during their time in Oxford, England. He never realizes that he is crying. But does realize that his glass is empty and refills it with Scotch. 

9. It is 6am and Charles wakes up to someone yelling at him. Immediately startled and assuming it is Raven. He almost smiles. But is shocked to find a strange man in a leather jacket standing in front of him. The man looks familiar. Charles telepathic senses tell him that this man called Logan has managed to knock Hank (Beast) unconscious out in the foyer. He’s is almost hoping this stranger is here to kill him. Charles soon realizes that he definitely unlucky with men.

10. The Wolverine (Logan) from the future immediately informs Charles that the room smells like booze, body odor and pathetic angst. He explains to Charles that he needs to get his shit together - they need to find his ex-boyfriend and his little sister. Charles is not amused - and walks away assuming it is all a heroin induced hallucination.

11. It wasn’t a hallucination. So Charles succumbs to the lure of adventure. But first - he has to detox. And boy is that going to hurt like fucking hell.

hey guys, has anyone got a link for the alternative-trailer for DOFP?


because apparently there’s some different stuff in it

I assume the bit that has the ‘I’m not very good with violence’ line in it which: I am CLEARLY MISSING OUT 


Wait, there’s an alternate x-men trailer now?Can someone link me?